Fire of Life Church in Brockton, Massachusetts

Fire of Life: Born with a Vision

Who We Are

Fire of Life Church in Brockton, Massachusetts is a welcoming congregation who open their arms to anyone who want Jesus Christ in their life. 


This is an evangelistic , prophetic and teaching outreach ministry that is born to destroy the works of darkness and fulfill the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary for everyone.


Fire of Life is God’s set instrument to bring about the VISION OF GOD in everyone through the word of God and the Holy Spirit.

As a part of this ministry, your vision is revealed to you by the FIRE of GOD for your life.

Your vision is in God’s image, so a vision of you is beyond what you see physically. God’s image of you is revealed your vision.

Take your vision in God’ image (spirit) and unleash it in the physical! That is why you were born.

You are created in His image with a vision(spirit) to unravel your mission(physical).

What you need to unleash your vision in this world is the Fire of God for your Life and that is what FIRE OF LIFE is about.

We are always here for you. Please reach out to us and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible!